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Austin Single-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Austin Single-Vehicle Accident LawyerSingle-vehicle accidents are relatively common in Austin, TX. If you’ve been hurt in a single-vehicle crash, you shouldn’t assume it’s your fault.

An Austin car accident attorney can help you identify who is responsible and recover compensation for your damages. You might be eligible for reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, and psychological injury.

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How Can an Austin Car Accident Lawyer Help After a Single-Vehicle Crash?

How Can an Austin Car Accident Lawyer Help After a Single-Vehicle Crash?

Claims involving single-vehicle car accidents are often more challenging to prove than other types of cases. That’s because insurance companies tend to blame the person driving. The truth is it’s not always your fault. An Austin car accident attorney can help protect you from blame and determine who is responsible.

The personal injury lawyers at FVF Law have over 100 years of combined experience helping people hurt in motor vehicle accidents. We use our experience to help clients make informed and logical decisions throughout their legal cases.

When you hire FVF Law for help after a single-vehicle accident in Austin, Texas, we will:

  • Conduct an investigation into the cause of the crash
  • Collect evidence
  • File insurance claims and negotiate on your behalf
  • Explain your legal options
  • Track deadlines and administrative details
  • File a personal injury lawsuit, if necessary

Our team will work diligently to get you fair compensation, but we’ll also set realistic expectations. We aren’t afraid to reject lowball offers and go to trial, and we put our client’s needs first.

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What Are Common Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents?

According to statistics, in 2021, there were 12,433 car accidents in Austin, TX. These crashes resulted in 113 fatalities and 511 serious injuries.

Sometimes single-vehicle collisions are the driver’s fault. This is common in speeding accidents, DUI crashes, and distracted driving accidents. However, there are many other potential causes outside of the driver’s control.

Some common causes include:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Obstructions in the road (like potholes, debris, or animals)
  • Mislabeled or missing signs
  • Dangerous construction zones
  • Aggressive drivers running you off the road
  • Car defects (like defective brakes)

You may not be entirely sure what caused the single-vehicle crash. An Austin car accident lawyer can help you figure out who is responsible and make a plan to hold them liable.

Common Injuries Suffered in Single-Vehicle Accidents

Like other types of car accidents, single-vehicle crashes can cause serious injuries. Depending on the severity, it may take you weeks, months, or years to recover. Some people will never fully recover.

Common injuries from single-vehicle accidents include:

Unfortunately, we also see many deaths from single-vehicle accidents in Austin. These are heartbreaking cases, but the family may be able to seek compensation for their indescribable loss.

Who Could Be Responsible for a Single-Vehicle Accident in Austin, TX?

Unfortunately, the driver who crashes is usually blamed for a single-vehicle accident. This is because it’s easier to blame the person driving than to look for other causes. If you didn’t cause the crash, this can be incredibly frustrating.

The truth is that other parties may be responsible for the single-vehicle crash, such as:

It is also possible that multiple people or factors may have contributed to the crash, or you might bear partial responsibility.

Under Texas modified comparative negligence law, you can still recover money for your damages as long as you are 50% or less responsible for causing the accident. However, your damages are reduced by your share of the responsibility. If you are more than 50% at fault, you cannot receive any compensation.

Our team carefully considers all of the possible causes of a crash before drawing any conclusions. Even if you share some of the blame, we’ll work to minimize it so that you can still get compensated.

What Damages Can I Receive After a Single-Vehicle Accident in Austin, Texas?

We must have an understanding of the value of your damages before negotiations. It isn’t always straightforward, though.

In Austin, you can recover economic damages and non-economic damages after a single-vehicle accident. Economic damages are monetary losses directly caused by a crash or the resulting injury.

Examples of economic damages include:

Non-economic damages are emotional or psychological losses that happen after a crash. These aren’t tied to a dollar figure, and the value is often difficult to determine.

We often pursue the following types of non-economic damages:

When we first discuss your case, we will ask how the crash has impacted you. It is important to include both financial and non-financial effects so that we can get the whole picture of your losses. Then our team can assign values based on our experience.

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