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Austin Wrongful Death Lawyer

Austin Wrongful Death LawyerIf someone you love was killed due to another’s actions, you have the right to understand who or what was at fault. And if there was negligence involved, you may have the right to pursue legal action as well.

An Austin wrongful death lawyer can help you investigate the circumstances behind your loved one’s wrongful death and assert those rights in the event that misconduct or negligent behavior is to blame.

While no amount of money can replace a loved one who has been killed, it is your right to hold the wrongdoer accountable for the pain and financial consequences that have been caused.

Our experienced Austin personal injury attorneys handle all accident-related cases such as motorcycle accidents, car accidents in Austin, bicycle accidents, Austin work injuries, and more.

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Wrongful Death Claims in Austin Texas

Wrongful Death Claims in Austin TexasA wrongful death claim is a civil action designed to mitigate the economic losses and emotional burden of losing a loved one at the hands of another individual’s or organization’s negligence or misconduct.

These lawsuits occur separately from criminal suits; they can be filed independently by the surviving:

  • spouse,
  • children, or
  • parents,

even if no criminal charges have been brought by the state or the defendants were not found guilty in a criminal trial.

In fact, survivors often file lawsuits with an Austin civil court when the criminal system did not result in an indictment or conviction. This is because the burden of proof in a civil case is lower than in a criminal case, and the two systems are separate.

There are countless ways that a wrongful death can occur. However, there are several types of cases we see frequently at FVF Law Firm – Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers.

  • Construction site wrongful deaths. Poor working conditions, misconduct by fellow employees, and company negligence can all result in one of these cases. Failure to observe safety regulations is often a culprit here. Contact our Austin construction accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options for your lost loved one.
  • Industrial fatalities. Industrial sites contain hazardous equipment that can result in fatalities when businesses and employees do not follow proper safety procedures.
  • Fireselectrocution, explosions, and other catastrophic events. Failure to maintain proper safety equipment or adhere to building codes can sometimes result in major catastrophic damages, including loss of life. In these cases, the survivors may have grounds for a wrongful death claim.
  • Rideshare accidents. When Lyft and Uber collisions occur, the drivers operating these vehicles (and the companies that employ them) may be held liable if their behavior or policies can be proven to be reckless or negligent. A qualified Austin rideshare accident lawyer like ours can help you recover damages that occur as a result of driver negligence.
  • Medical malpractice: When someone you love dies as a result of medical error, you are likely to have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit, even if they were already ill to begin with. Compensation for wrongful death is not based on whether or not your loved one was perfect or perfectly healthy — just whether or not the actions of the responsible party led to their death.


Possible Damages in Wrongful Death Claims

Possible Damages in Wrongful Death ClaimsThere are many harms and losses, called “damages,” associated with a wrongful death — some of which may not be immediately apparent to you and other survivors.

Those damages that are financial in nature are called “pecuniary losses” — damages that are sustained by the family members who have lost the decedent’s earning capacity, advice, services, care, maintenance, and support.

Beyond those pecuniary losses, are ”non-pecuniary” losses that are difficult to quantify but reflect the loss of those intangible benefits that flow from your relationship to your loved ones.

If a wrongful death suit or survival claim is resolved in your favor, you can recover the following types of pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses, among others:

  • Funeral costs. Final arrangements can be very expensive. After totaling the cost of funeral services, cemetery expenses, and burial or cremation, final costs can easily reach several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Medical expenses. If your family member received medical treatment before passing, their estate is liable to pay for those bills. In a survival claim, the estate can recover those medical costs from the person or company who caused the wrongful death.
  • Loss of companionship. Nothing can ever replace all the intangibles that flow from your relationship with a loved one, but where the law is concerned, children, parents, and spouses of the deceased may claim losses for their loss of companionship, emotional support, and emotional trauma that follow the loss.
  • Loss of income. Whether the deceased is the sole breadwinner in a household or provides some financial contribution, their spouse or other family members living with them may have grounds to seek payment for their loss of past and future income. Heirs to the estate of the deceased may potentially also sue for loss of inheritance — that is, money that the deceased may have earned, saved, and passed onto heirs after their death.
  • Mental health treatment. Pecuniary losses can include expenses for medical treatment for the family members’ emotional trauma, including counseling, psychiatric care, and more.

Compensation for Punitive Damages

Compensation for Punitive DamagesIn some cases, the actions that led to the wrongful death of your loved one are so egregious, so irresponsible, or even so outright appalling in their lack of concern for others’ safety that punitive damages may be allowable.

Punitive damages are a kind of exemplary damages that may be available to surviving family members when the person or entity responsible for your loved one’s wrongful death acts with what the law calls gross negligence or willful intent. Drunk driving, especially by repeat offenders, is one example of gross negligence.

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Claim to Action in Texas

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Claim to Action in TexasThe Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code places certain limitations on who is considered a survivor of the deceased and who can bring an action to recover damages in these claims.

These parties include:

  • The spouse of the deceased, even in a common-law marriage
  • The parents of the wrongfully deceased
  • The biological children of the wrongfully deceased
  • Legally adopted children of the wrongfully deceased
  • Some combination of these four parties
  • Note that siblings and other relatives are not included in this list. These parties cannot file wrongful death claims in Austin; however, if these individuals are designated to represent the decedent’s estate, they may be able to file a survival claim on the estate’s behalf.

What is the Difference Between Wrongful Death Claims and Survival Actions

What is the Difference Between Wrongful Death Claims and Survival ActionsA wrongful death lawsuit may not address all the financial details associated with the sudden death of a loved one. In Texas, when an individual dies as a result of negligence, that individual retains the right to file a civil lawsuit, just as they would have if they had lived.

That action is brought forward by surviving loved ones, legal representatives, and the administrators of the deceased’s estate.

In a survival action, plaintiffs may sue for the pain and suffering the deceased experienced before their wrongful death, medical bills incurred as a result of the incident, lost wages, and property damage. If the claim results in favor of the plaintiff, that award goes to the deceased’s estate to be distributed to the heirs.

Creating an Estate and Setting Up the Probate Process

Creating an Estate and Setting Up the Probate ProcessTo assert a survival action, the deceased must have an estate created in their name that complies with Texas state probate and estate law.

An experienced Austin wrongful death lawyer, like our professionals at FVF Law, can help you ensure that your loved one’s estate is established in a manner that adheres to Texas probate laws. This includes helping the family bear the financial burden that the probate process can entail.

Talk to an Austin Wrongful Death Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Talk to an Austin Wrongful Death Lawyer as Soon as PossibleIf you have recently experienced the wrongful death of a loved one and you believe that there was foul play or negligence involved, you should discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer right away.

Beyond the strict two-year statute of limitations to file a wrongful death claim, investigating and proving a wrongful death claim in Texas will take considerable time, energy, and resources. It is critically important to make sure all the relevant evidence is preserved so that any person or company who played a role in the incident can be held to answer.

That is the main reason why it is in your best interest to speak with a lawyer sooner rather than later.

An Austin wrongful death lawyer near you can help ensure that you meet those deadlines, as well as offer helpful advice on creating an estate, documenting evidence for your claim, and investigating the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death.

We can help you identify the individuals and parties that may be to blame — and ensure that those parties are held accountable for their negligent actions.

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Contact FVF to Help with My Wrongful Death Case in AustinThe process of bringing forth wrongful death and survival actions against large corporations, insurance providers, and other entities can be quite difficult. An Austin personal injury lawyer will not only be intimately familiar with the laws and regulations in your area, but they’ll also be able to provide nearby resources such as medical providers and funeral services to help you make arrangements for your loved one.

Our personal injury attorneys in Austin at FVF Law have years of experience on their side. We know the local Austin Texas court systems, which helps us navigate through your case efficiently. As Austin locals, we can also relate to jurors in our community. We will help you fight to assert your rights and properly investigate your case.

If you’d like to understand your rights and options following the sudden death of a loved one, contact us today for a free consultation. Our team of legal professionals in Austin can help you settle legal and financial details, offering support and guidance during this difficult chapter of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsThe aftermath of a loved one’s passing can be confusing and extremely difficult. Survivors will likely have questions.

Following are some commonly asked questions regarding Austin’s wrongful death cases.

What if My Loved One Contributed to the Accident?

Texas is a comparative negligence state, meaning that fault is assigned a percentage based on how much an individual is responsible for death-causing accidents. So, if your loved one was 50% responsible for the Austin accident leading to their death, surviving family members are entitled to seek compensation.

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death in Austin?

In the entire state of Texas, only the surviving spouse, child(ren), or parents of an individual who has passed can receive wrongful death compensation.

What’s the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Austin?

You have two years from the date of the accident to file your wrongful death claim. There are some exceptions, however. FVF Law is here to help if you’re unsure of your case or if you’ve missed the filing deadline.

Will a Criminal Case Affect My Wrongful Death Case?

Criminal cases do not normally have a huge impact on wrongful death cases. That’s because these cases are typically handled by separate lawyers and court systems. However, a criminal case may impact a wrongful death case if there is specific evidence that may be relevant to the other.

What Is a Survival Claim?

This is different from a wrongful death claim and is associated with recovering losses experienced by the deceased individual between the date of injury and their passing. On the other hand, a wrongful death claim is one in which family members of the deceased seek compensation for their own emotional and financial losses.

Do I Qualify as a Surviving Spouse Under Texas Law?

In Texas, spouses, common-law marriage partners, and legally separated spouses are all considered to be surviving spouses. Putative spouses, however, are not allowed to sue for wrongful death in the state. FVF Law Firm – Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers is here to help if you’re unsure about your status as a surviving spouse.

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