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Distracted Driving Accidents in Austin, TX

Distracted Driving Accidents in Austin, TXWere you injured in an accident involving a distracted driver in Austin, Texas? Our Austin car accident lawyers at FVF Law have unparalleled experience assisting injured clients in pursuing compensation.

We know that a car accident can have a devastating effect on you and your family. You didn’t deserve to have this happen to you, and you shouldn’t have to manage the financial and legal issues on your own. We’re here to help you.

Call at (512) 982-9328 or contact our law offices in Austin to book a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys. We’ll sit down with you to review your case and explain your legal rights. You can rest assured that your case will be in highly skilled and trustworthy hands.

How FVF Law Can Help You After an Accident Caused by Distracted Driving in Austin, Texas

How FVF Law Can Help You After an Accident Caused by Distracted Driving in Austin, TexasFVF Law is a highly-esteemed personal injury law firm with an outstanding record for assisting injured clients. We’ve earned our reputation in Austin for providing clients with the superior legal representation they deserve from their lawyers. Our Austin personal injury attorneys are top-rated and have extensive legal expertise.

A car accident caused by distracted driving can be devastating. Let us assist you during this difficult time so that you can focus on your recovery.

When you engage our Austin personal injury lawyers after a collision caused by a distracted driver, we will immediately begin:

  • Performing a crash investigation
  • Collecting evidence from diverse sources
  • Identifying and contacting witnesses
  • Creating a legal approach
  • Consulting with leading experts

We deal with insurance companies routinely and are familiar with their practices. Their objective is to convince you to settle for the smallest amount feasible or to dismiss your claim entirely. We won’t let insurance companies take advantage of your situation, an Austin car accident lawyer will be always by your side.

Contact our law offices in Austin to discuss your case with our legal team.  There is no cost associated with the consultation, so you have nothing to lose by calling us today.

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How Often Do Distracted Driving Accidents Happen?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine persons per day are killed in the United States due to distracted driving. About 20% of these fatalities involve bicycle riders, pedestrians, and other non-passengers.

Distracted driving significantly raises the risk of getting into an accident. Any distraction, such as using a cell phone, conversing with passengers, or searching for a dropped object, is dangerous.

What Causes Distracted Driving Accidents?

Typically, driving distractions fall into three categories:

  • Manual – removing your hands from the wheel
  • Visual — seeing something that distracts you while driving
  • Cognitive – thinking about something other than driving

In order to avoid danger, drivers must be able to respond quickly. When they’re distracted, the likelihood of an accident increases dramatically. Texting while driving is extremely risky because it encompasses all three categories of distractions.

If drivers are traveling at 55 mph for five seconds without looking at the road, it’s as if they have driven the length of a football field blindly. When drivers are distracted, they endanger everyone on the road.

What Kinds of Injuries Do Austin Distracted Driving Accidents Cause?

When a motorist is distracted, the following injuries may occur:

No matter how severe your injuries are, our Austin distracted driving accident attorneys are prepared to help you pursue compensation.

What Is the Texas Statute of Limitations for Filing a Distracted Driving Accident Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury lawsuit following an accident caused by distracted driving in Texas is two years. After that time, you cannot seek compensation for the accident. Do not risk losing the chance to hold the liable parties accountable.

Two years may seem sufficient, but your attorney will require that time to establish a compelling case. Call the Austin auto accident lawyers at FVF Law now to get started.

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Contact FVF Law if you were harmed in a distracted driving accident in Austin, Texas. You may be able to receive compensation for your financial and emotional losses.

Choosing the best law firm to handle your case can have a significant impact on the outcome. Don’t make the mistake of entrusting your case to a less qualified firm. Our distracted driving accident attorneys at FVF Law are prepared to represent you.

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