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Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer 3101 Bee Caves Rd #301 Austin, TX 78746Did you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing in Round Rock, Texas? If so, you may have legal options to recover compensation from the at-fault party. FVF Law Firm – Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers can help you receive damages for your medical expenses, other financial losses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more.

We’re a personal injury law firm that provides each of our clients with the full extent of our dedication, resources, and attention. Our Austin personal injury lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience, and we’ve collected millions of dollars in compensation for deserving accident victims. When you hire us, we’ll get to work right away in pursuit of the financial justice that makes you whole again.

We offer a free consultation where you can speak with one of our qualified personal injury lawyers in a no-pressure environment about your case. During that time, we can offer some preliminary legal advice and inform you about your best course of action. Call (512) 982-9328 today to get started.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a values-driven personal injury law firm that focuses on informing clients of their rights and legal options after a preventable accident. With us, you’ll never feel left in the dark about your case.
  • Our case results speak for themselves. We work hard to achieve the best possible settlements and jury verdicts for our clients so that they can move on from an accident with peace of mind.
  • Our law firm has been recognized by top legal organizations for our commitment to client success, including Super Lawyers, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and the Better Business Bureau.
  • We accept all personal injury cases in Round Rock on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t have to pay us anything for our services unless we win your case.

How FVF Law Can Help You Get Compensation After an Accident in Round Rock, Texas

How FVF Law Can Help You Get Compensation After an Accident in Round Rock, TexasPersonal injury cases in Round Rock, TX, often involve dealing with an insurance company in one form or another. These are for-profit businesses that do not have your best interests in mind, even if it is your own insurer. In fact, they stay afloat in large part by minimizing claims whenever possible.

If you go up against an insurance company by yourself, you run the risk of being taken advantage of and recovering less money than what your claim is actually worth.

FVF Law won’t let that happen. As your Austin car accident lawyer, we do things differently than most other personal injury firms, focusing on transparency, compassion, and education. If you hire us, we’ll treat you like family – cutting no corners in helping you recover the compensation that makes up for every consequence of the accident.

Our track record of success and experience means that we can help with even the most complicated cases in this area of the law. More specifically, we can:

  • Internally investigate your case
  • Gather the necessary evidence in support of your claim
  • Enlist experts to further bolster your claim as needed
  • Apprise you of your case’s progress at all times
  • Handle all of the paperwork and communications
  • Negotiate a settlement agreement on your behalf
  • File a lawsuit against the opposing party if necessary

Contact our law office serving Round Rock today for more information about how we can help with your case. Your initial consultation is free of charge, and there are no strings attached.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Round Rock?

At FVF Law, it can cost you $0 out of pocket to hire a personal injury lawyer – even if we win your case. This is because we operate on a contingency fee basis for all personal injury claims. With this payment arrangement, we front all the litigation costs of a claim so that our clients don’t take on any of the financial risks.

If we don’t succeed in securing you financial compensation for your losses in the form of a settlement or judgment award, you won’t have to pay us a dime for services already rendered. If we do win your case, we’ll charge our attorney’s fees as a percentage of the overall amount won. We won’t ever bill you directly.

The percentage that we deduct as our fee will depend on the circumstances of the case, such as whether it ends up in court. We will inform you of our exact fee percentage before you sign the contract and become our client. At FVF Law, there are never any hidden fees or surprise costs.

What Is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is a type of civil claim that can be brought by an individual seeking justice for a wrongdoing committed by another party. The injured victim becomes the plaintiff while the accused party is the defendant. This type of legal dispute typically arises when someone suffers an injury due to another person’s negligence, or the failure to act with proper care.

To win a personal injury claim, the plaintiff’s attorney must provide clear and convincing evidence of the four elements of negligence:

  1. Duty of care: the defendant had an obligation to act in a manner that a person of ordinary prudence would under similar circumstances.
  2. Breach of duty: the defendant committed an act or omission that fell short of the duty of care, such as a driver behaving recklessly behind the wheel of a car.
  3. Damages suffered: the plaintiff suffered some type of harm due to the incident, such as bodily injuries or financial losses.
  4. Causation: the defendant’s negligent or wrongful acts were the actual or proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries and losses.

In a personal injury case, the elements of negligence must be proven as more likely to be true than not true. This is known as a preponderance of the evidence. An attorney can help you present evidence to prove your case and meet the burden of proof, such as accident reports and witness testimony. The attorneys at FVF Law are compelling storytellers who know how to demonstrate fault and damages for their clients.

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Round Rock Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

There are motor vehicle accident data available for every city and town in the state provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The latest statistics are from the year 2022 and are as follows for Round Rock:

  • 2,948 total accidents
  • 470 possible injury crashes
  • 6 fatal crashes

On average, there are around 8 motor vehicle crashes every single day in Round Rock based on these figures.

What Types of Damages Can I Recover After a Personal Injury Accident in Round Rock?

Victims of personal injury accidents in Round Rock can recover two kinds of compensatory damages: economic and non-economic. These are meant to compensate for the financial losses you’ve incurred as well as the consequences of the accident that are not as easy to convert into a dollar amount.

Examples of economic and non-economic damages include, but are not limited to, the following:

Texas law does permit punitive damages awards in personal injury cases, but only in rare circumstances. To recover punitive damages, you must prove by clear and convincing evidence that the at-fault party acted with malice, gross negligence, or fraud.

We Can Help You With Any Type of Personal Injury Case in Round Rock, TX

With over a century of total experience, our personal injury attorneys in Round Rock are confident in their ability to help with any of the following types of cases.

If you or a loved one have recently sustained a personal injury in the area, FVF Law is here to help. Contact us today for further information regarding our legal services.

How Much Is My Round Rock Personal Injury Case Worth?

Many factors can impact how much your personal injury case in Round Rock, Texas, is worth. Although the cases with the highest values are generally those involving the most severe injuries, other considerations can be just as important, such as:

  • The amount and strength of the evidence available to prove your claim
  • Your age when you sustained your injury
  • Whether you will be able to return to work
  • The nature of the accident and the losses you’ve experienced
  • The specifics of any insurance policies that relate to the case

Sometimes, accurately evaluating a personal injury case can take expert assistance. When you hire our personal injury attorneys at FVF Law, we’ll make sure we understand the complete value of your claim before we demand compensation from the other side.

We can offer personalized insight into your case’s value during your free case review if you’d like as well. Contact us today to set up a time to meet.

We’ll Pursue Compensation Based on All of the Injuries You’ve Sustained

Personal injury accidents can cause debilitating, life-altering injuries. Some of the types of injuries our trusted Round Rock personal injury attorneys can help you recover compensation for include the following:

If you have any questions about what we can do to help with your case, reach out today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

What if the Other Side Blames Me for My Accident in Round Rock?

You can potentially still recover compensation even if you were partially to blame for your injury in Round Rock. The State of Texas currently follows a modified comparative negligence standard regarding the issue of contributory fault. There is also a 51% bar to recovery.

What this means is that you may be assessed a percentage of responsibility for the accident. As long as you aren’t mostly to blame (meaning that percentage isn’t 51% or more), you can still recover compensation. However, your damages can be reduced based on your percentage of fault. So, sharing 30% of the blame means your damages can be reduced by 30%.

The at-fault party will likely try to shift as much blame to you as they can so that they can minimize their liability. This is one area where having a personal injury lawyer in your corner can make a significant difference. An attorney can advocate for your interests and work to ensure you aren’t assessed more responsibility than is fair.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in the State of Texas?

The Texas statute of limitations for personal injury establishes the deadline by which lawsuits must be filed. If you file your lawsuit after the deadline has passed, you’ll lose your legal right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. By default, you will have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit.

There are exceptions to the statute of limitations, so you may have a different amount of time to file a lawsuit in your situation. Contact our personal injury attorneys to preserve your rights and confirm the deadline that applies to your case.

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Our Round Rock personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us attorney’s fees if we get compensation for you. You also can hire us without paying anything upfront.

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