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Car Accidents

Are You Being Overbilled for Medical Treatment After an Accident?

After you are injured in an accident, your health is in the hands of the doctors and medical providers that...


Do Tolls Make Roads Safer?

It’s no secret that Texas has a lot of toll roads: according to TXDoT, there are over 50 separate tollways...

Car Accidents

7 Tips for Safer Holiday Driving

According to the American Automobile Association, an estimated 49.3 million Americans hit the road over the Thanksgiving holiday. Turkey Day...

Car Accidents

How Can Commercial Trucking Companies Prevent 18-wheeler Accidents?

While every driver on the road is responsible for making safe choices, commercial trucking companies share the responsibility to prevent...

Car Accidents

The Rules of the Road for Austin Cyclists and Drivers

Cyclists and drivers alike often misunderstand or simply don’t know the laws governing bike use in our city. However, cyclists...

Car Accidents

5 Car Safety Features That May Help You Avoid Accidents

Keeping yourself and your family, friends, and other passengers safe is your utmost priority when driving. However, operating a vehicle...

Car Accidents