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Julia Brumder Harris Avatar
Julia B.
8/05/2023 - Google

I called FVF after a bad car accident, and Kelly Gray handled my case. Every step of the way, I felt supported and wonderfully represented by Kelly & the firm. She sent me to excellent medical providers, guided me with compassion and competence, and in the end negotiated a great settlement for me. Kelly is uniquely talented, and the mediator said her deposition of the defendant was masterful. It was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend FVF to anyone for personal injury representation, and am so grateful for Kelly’s excellent work on my case.

Cindu Annand Avatar
Cindu A.
8/04/2023 - Google

My husband and I found ourselves in a distressing situation after being involved in a rear end accident with an uninsured motorist. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to come across an exceptional law firm, FVF law specializing in personal injury cases, and they proved to be a true lifeline during this challenging time. We were connected with Hope Guardia and she has been nothing but full of warmth, empathy, and professionalism. Hope was courteous and attentive, easing my worries and making us feel comfortable discussing the details of the accident. We were assigned to a highly competent personal injury lawyer who took the time to listen to our concerns and understand the unique circumstances of the case. Their expertise in personal injury law was evident from the outset. They meticulously examined every aspect of my situation, gathering evidence and consulting with relevant experts to build a solid foundation for my claim. Throughout the process, they kept me informed about the progress of my case, promptly addressing any questions or concerns that arose. What sets this law firm apart is their commitment to client satisfaction. They demonstrated an unwavering dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for us. Hope's negotiation skills were impressive, as she successfully secured a fair settlement that far exceeded our expectations. We felt reassured knowing that they were steadfastly advocating for my rights and best interests. I cannot thank this law firm enough for the outstanding representation they provided us. Hope and her team went above and beyond to ensure we received the justice and compensation we deserved. Their expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication make them an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a personal injury lawyer. In conclusion, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a personal injury lawyer, I wholeheartedly recommend this outstanding law firm.

Jessica Vasquez Avatar
Jessica V.
7/21/2023 - Google

Ryan & Paloma were so incredibly helpful and guided me through the process. Seriously, so thankful to them. Paloma, you’re a gem and I appreciate your dedication and follow ups!

Benjamin Olsen Avatar
Benjamin O.
7/11/2023 - Google

I was very hesitant about hiring an attorney after an 18-wheeler hit me, but I am so happy I did. I am extremely grateful for FVF - they provided me with outstanding representation during the nearly three years I was a client. Thank you to attorneys Kelly Gray and Claire Partin, and their paralegals Crystal and Elizabeth. Claire, Kelly, and the FVF team updated me every step of the way and I always felt confident with their judgment. When I had a death in my family, this firm went out of their way to send flowers and extend their condolences. They listened to my concerns and always eased my mind about the process. The end result exceeded my expectations, and I was able to get the medical care I needed. FVF is professional, thoughtful, and hardworking. I would recommend them to anyone.

Brandy Ebert-Sipe Avatar
Brandy E.
6/15/2023 - Google

FVF was a great choice to handle my injury case. Navigating a difficult situation was made much less stressful thanks to a diligent and helpful legal team. Hope Guardia-Montano was my lawyer and she was able to explain the process and timeline to me in a way that put me at ease. I understood proceedings and never felt unprepared at any stage. This was new to me so having a team that was eager to educate me on the case and how it would all work gave me the peace of mind that I needed to focus on my physical recovery and rehabilitation. In a world of billboard and TV commercial lawyers yelling phone numbers at you, FVF was a much more reputable and professional option. That is what you want when your health/livelihood is at stake in any injury case. Knowing that I was well represented saved me a lot of anxiety and in the end FVF fought for my best interests and the best possible outcome. I will recommend them to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation in the future.

Black Betti Avatar
Black B.
5/18/2023 - Google

Kelly is the absolute best!!! I have never been in this situation before, so I had a million plus questions. Kelly was extremely patient in not only answering my questions, but giving me answers to questions I didn’t know I should have been asking. She explained what to expect every step of the way so I wasn’t taken by surprise.

Paul Strusienski Avatar
Paul S.
5/04/2023 - Google

Had the pleasure of working with Ryan Reyna for 2 years on my auto injury case while living out of state. Ryan is very attentive, collaborative, thorough, professional, and kept me posted every step of the way. He made my experience very personal and worked hard on my case. Would recommend Ryan fully. Thank you Ryan!

Sagar U Avatar
Sagar U.
5/01/2023 - Google

I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to Shawn Frazier and her team at FVF. Due to Covid and the nature of the accident, my case got drawn out over a long period of time before getting resolved. Throughout that time, Shawn was always there making sure that, first and foremost, there were no roadblocks--financial or otherwise--regarding the care/treatment that I needed for my health. Shawn provided expert guidance throughout the entire legal process, always kept me up-to-date on the next steps, and was always there when I needed to talk. Many times I felt so guilty for taking up so much of her time asking so many questions, but I never felt rushed or ignored from Shawn. She was always there listening to me and answering my questions for however long it took. It was like having a caring friend on the other end of the line, and never even once I felt like I was just a 'case.' Shawn was a perfect combination of expertise and care, and an overall awesome person to work with. I appreciate so much just how smoothly Shawn handled the case. Thank you Shawn and your FVF team!

J Hunter Avatar
J H.
4/01/2023 - Google

FVF Law has been fantastic. I had the opportunity to work with two lawyers, Kelly and Megan, who were always prompt to respond and answered all questions I had. The entire process was outlined and they continued to provide updates which was very appreciated. Not only that, the outcome of their service was more than could have been expected. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in need of legal services!

Yelp Reviews

Marcie G. Avatar
Marcie G.
5 star rating
7/28/2022 - Yelp

I was referred to FVF Law by a friend following a traumatic car accident. Having to research law firms is overwhelming enough, but having to do it while in physical pain, disoriented from a TBI, and angry at the general circumstances that landed me there, was downright painful. As others have indicated, I hung up calls with other firms feeling pushed, pressured, and confused. When I finally spoke with Kelly Gray at FVF, I was met with nothing but compassion and relief that someone was willing to help me navigate my claims without judgment or stress. This initial interaction set the stage for the next year, as Kelly and Elizabeth Alradaideh helped me coordinate my recovery journey, gaining me access to medical care I wouldn't have found or known about if I had gone it alone. She was also extremely communicative throughout the entire process, answering my questions and letting me know what was happening at each stage. In the end, my case was resolved swiftly and professionally, and with an outcome that left me more than satisfied. I would recommend FVF Law to anyone looking to be represented with dignity and respect.

Chad L. Avatar
Chad L.
5 star rating
7/19/2022 - Yelp

When I needed a attorney after getting hit by a car on my motorcycle, (please watch out for motorcycles!!), I called around to a few different attorney's. None of them gave me a feeling of comfort until Aaron from FVF called and talked to me for quite a while to answer every question I had. In that first call he made me feel like family and gave me the assurance that everything would be ok. He answered all my concerns and made me feel at ease. Then his team went to work. Now realize this whole process is a take care of yourself first and heal up as the insurance companies will take there time to do what they do. This is where Kelly Grey stepped in and took the process over and did a wonderful job of making sure I healed up first of all. Doing this all while dealing with my questions and concerns about this whole process and dealing with every doctor, medical bill, insurance company, more questions from me, and taking the time to make me feel not to worry about anything but getting better. She was very patient as I had a lot of pain and suffering and she always made me feel better about this whole situation. I went through the healing process for a while. FVF was amazing as everyone there treated me with respect. They took many calls from me. Took many calls from the insurance companies. Just realize too after all is said and done. The whole process does take a few months. FVF was there the whole time. The great thing about it was I just let them do there job and they did. Kelly called and checked on me all the time to make sure I was healing up. She made me feel like I mattered, like I was a friend. Please give FVF a chance to take care of you too. I know I'm glad I called them. I'm glad they called me back right away. In the end they went over an above and helped me recover and get on with my life. Everything Kelly and FVF did was over and above!!! Let FVF go over and above for you too!! You can tell them you read this and believe in them too.

Johm T. Avatar
Johm T.
5 star rating
7/06/2022 - Yelp

I never thought I would say this but working with this law firm was a pleasure. This is a group of extremely professional, empathetic and wonderful people who supported me every step of the way. They were always there for me, communicated every step of the way and made my health and well-being a top priority. I will never forget this company and its amazing attorneys.

Isabel S. Avatar
Isabel S.
5 star rating
6/01/2022 - Yelp

Hope Guardia and the FVF Law Team were extraordinarily supportive, patient, and professional throughout my case. I had reached out to the firm in 2019 after a traumatic pile up, and they swiftly "came to my rescue" to assist me with all my needs. I was a young adult with little knowledge on how to navigate and recover from such an experience, and luckily Hope was there to guide me and ensure all of my needs were taken care of. Hope kept me informed every step of the way through my case. Her team was always available to me and were great with communication. They really helped relieve the stress I dealt with throughout this process. I felt taken care of and I knew that they were a strong part of my support system. Thank you so much Hope and FVF for taking such excellent care of me and for ensuring my case got the respect it deserved!

Daniel M. Avatar
Daniel M.
5 star rating
5/19/2022 - Yelp

Hope Guardia and her team were responsive, informative and outstanding overall. I had nearly given up when Hope came to the rescue and took on my case. Thank you!

Mary Ann W. Avatar
Mary A.
5 star rating
5/13/2022 - Yelp

This firm is amazing! They took very good care of me with my recovery process. All I did was go for my procedures and rehab and they took care of everything else! GREAT group of friendly, smart and truly caring group of attorneys! I am so grateful!

Jenny K. Avatar
Jenny K.
5 star rating
4/12/2022 - Yelp

FVF Law is such an amazing law firm. The attorneys and all the staff were super responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They answered all my questions in an efficient manner and always made time for me. I never felt like I was a burden or that my case wasn't worth their time. In fact, they made me feel as if my case was their top priority. They were great at laying out the facts and talking through the options, but never pressured you. I always knew I was in good hands with FVF Law and overall had a favorable outcome. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer. Super friendly and easy to talk to...they make you feel like family! Thank you, Al Silverio, Josh Fogelman, and Mark Farris, for being so incredible!

Jenny K

Jonathan L. Avatar
Jonathan L.
5 star rating
3/30/2022 - Yelp

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend attorney Ryan Reyna from FVF Law. Throughout each step of my case, Ryan and the FVF team provided an exceptional level of representation. Their timely communication, sense of collaboration, and unwavering dedication were among the many qualities that I appreciated greatly. Ryan was engaged from our initial correspondence through the culmination of our case, and I couldn't have asked for a better ally.

I would also like to acknowledge the entirety of the FVF staff. From my initial outreach to Shawn (who was fantastic), to the case managers who frequently checked in to offer assistance, I am not surprised to see that many others have shared similar experiences and reviews. I offer my sincere thanks to FVF for being an outstanding team.

Alice .. Avatar
Alice ..
5 star rating
2/01/2022 - Yelp

If I could give FVF Law a 10 star review, I would.

I contacted FVF after a car accident, in a moment of feeling financially stressed, in physical pain, and uncertain of how to proceed. I had already had consultation calls with a handful of other law firms, and after each of those calls I hung up feeling pressured, confused, and like I had been talking to pushy salesmen. The consult calls had been short (10-15 minutes) and peppered with fear-mongering ultimatums, such as "if you don't agree to have me represent you in this personal injury case right now, you're surely going to lose out on the chance to get medical care and financial compensation."

FVF Law was my last call, and frankly my hopes for the call feeling helpful were pretty low. That's when Shawn Frazier entered the picture. One of the managing attorneys at FVF, Shawn answered my call and spent about an hour on the phone with me. She was patient, and answered all the questions I had in clear-cut language. She never pressured me to go with FVF, and she recommended that I take my time to consider all the options. She was also personable and empathetic - two qualities that meant a world of difference in a time of feeling vulnerable. It was a no-brainer to go forward with FVF Law.

Flash forward to several years later, and my case that FVF provided representation for is now closed out and resolved in a manner that's truly above and beyond what I had hoped for. I was able to receive timely, quality medical care without having to financially stress. I also received a settlement that will ensure I'm able to access needed medical care for a long time to come. Throughout it all, FVF worked diligently and advocated fiercely for my needs.

Through my case, I've had the pleasure of working with numerous FVF staff - including Shawn Frazier, Al Silverio, Vanessa Day, Paloma Hampton, and others. Each team member has been professional and warm in their communication. When I reach out with a question, someone gets back to me same day (usually same hour) to talk me through what's happening and the next steps. Everyone has been gracious in answering my many questions. And above that, I've genuinely felt cared for in this process.

FVF Law has been compassionate, trustworthy, and incredibly effective at providing incredible legal services. I can wholeheartedly recommend this firm to anyone in heartbeat.