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San Marcos Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be difficult to pick up the pieces and recover from an accident that leaves you with an injury on your own – especially if an insurance company attempts to take advantage of you during the claims process to protect its own profits. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with a claim alone.

The Austin personal injury attorneys at FVF Law are prepared to go up against one or more parties on your behalf to help you achieve the justice and compensation you deserve. Start with a free consultation, where we will listen to the facts of your case and offer personalized legal advice. Contact us today to speak to an attorney in San Marcos, Texas.

Why Choose Our San Marcos Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • We care about our clients and always put them first. We have a 5-star rating on Google and have been recognized by prominent legal organizations, including Super Lawyers.
  • Our attorneys know how to get the results our clients need. We have secured millions of dollars in successful settlements and judgment awards for our clients.
  • You will only pay us if we collect compensation for your personal injury claim. We operate on a contingency fee basis, with $0 charged in attorney’s fees upfront.

How an Attorney Can Help

When you choose FVF Law to represent you after an accident in San Marcos, you won’t just be another case to us – you will be valued as an individual who deserves respect, care, and personalized attention. As your Austin car accident attorney, we’ll take the time to tailor our legal services to match your specific needs.

Our experienced advocates will investigate your accident to determine fault and identify the liable or responsible parties. We can revisit the scene of your accident, interview eyewitnesses, hire experts, collect documents and take other steps to build your injury claim. Then, we can guide you through the legal process.

Our attorneys can take over communications with an insurance company to negotiate for just case results. Throughout your claim, we will provide clear explanations of your rights and legal options so that you can make informed decisions. We can even go to trial to fight for justice on your behalf, if necessary.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?” At FVF Law, we understand the financial burden you may be under after a harmful accident in San Marcos. We put our clients’ minds at ease by operating on a contingency fee basis for all personal injury claims.

This payment arrangement means that we never bill our clients directly. We only charge attorney’s fees if we win the case, and then we take our fee out of the settlement or judgment award. We deduct our fee as a percentage of the compensation obtained. That way, our clients never have to pay us out of pocket, win or lose.

Our Practice Areas

At FVF Law, we can handle personal injury claims that arise out of many different types of accidents and incidents in San Marcos. Our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined legal experience.

Our long list of practice areas includes:

  • Car accidents 
  • Truck accidents 
  • Bus accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents 
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents 
  • Uber and Lyft accidents
  • Premises liability incidents
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Dog attacks
  • Construction site accidents 
  • Workplace accidents 
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products
  • Child injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Wrongful death

This is not a comprehensive list of all of our practice areas. No matter what the circumstances, if you suspect negligence or wrongdoing in connection to your recent accident and injury, discuss a potential claim with our attorneys for free.

Elements of a Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim is a type of legal action that allows an injured accident victim to seek compensation to become whole again. It is a claim to financial compensation, also known as damages, from the person or party at fault for causing the harm being claimed (the defendant). During a personal injury claim, the victim or plaintiff has the burden of proving fault.

Most cases are based on the legal theory of negligence, which has four parts:

  1. Duty of care
  2. Breach of duty
  3. Causation
  4. Damages

Proving negligence requires evidence that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to act with reasonable care but committed an act or omission that breached or violated this duty. This breach of duty must be the actual or proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries or harm. Finally, the plaintiff must have suffered damages, or compensable losses, as a result of the incident.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on a Personal Injury Claim in San Marcos?

In San Marcos, a state law known as the statute of limitations places a deadline on an accident victim’s right to file a personal injury claim. Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003 states:

TWO-YEAR LIMITATIONS PERIOD. (a) Except as provided by Sections 16.010, 16.0031, and 16.0045, a person must bring suit for trespass for injury to the estate or to the property of another, conversion of personal property, taking or detaining the personal property of another, personal injury, forcible entry and detainer, and forcible detainer not later than two years after the day the cause of action accrues.

Under this law, you have no more than two years from the date of your injury – or discovery of your injury – to file your personal injury claim in Texas. However, some circumstances can shorten or extend the filing deadline. It’s essential to contact an attorney about a potential case as soon as possible so you don’t miss your statute of limitations.

Exceptions to the Rule

Texas’s two-year statute of limitations only applies to personal injury lawsuits; insurance claims for accidents in San Marcos should be filed much sooner. In addition, if you need to file a claim against the government for an injury that occurred on public property or was caused by a government employee, city law will determine the time limit. This could be as short as 45 days.

Contact Us for a Free Personal Injury Case Review in San Marcos

At FVF Law, we provide empathetic legal support during difficult times. Our personal injury lawyers in San Marcos are ready to help you navigate through your case to hold one or more parties accountable for your injuries. We have a deep understanding of the nature of these cases and how they impact our clients’ lives. Contact us online today or call (512) 640-2146 to learn more about how we can help during a free consultation.

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