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Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Austin

Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in AustinTexas provides very detailed accident statistics. These statistics include maps that show where motor vehicle accidents happen in the city.

Using these maps, you can see patterns emerge. Traffic accidents in Austin, TX, tend to cluster around certain highways, roads, and intersections. The reason for this clustering varies depending on the location. But it usually involves a combination of road design, traffic congestion, and speed limits.

Learn about the most dangerous roads/intersections in Austin and what you can do after an accident to recover injury compensation.

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How FVF Law Injury Attorneys Can Help After an Accident in AustinFVF Law was founded in 2014 to educate accident victims about their legal rights after an accident. Our attorneys have over 80 years of combined experience representing accident victims.

Our Austin car accident attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars in injury compensation.

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How Common Are Road/Intersection Accidents in Austin?

Austin has a lot of traffic accidents. In 2020, Austin had over 12,400 traffic accidents. Of these, 104 caused a fatality, and over 5,400 caused at least one injury. Based on its share of Texas’s population, Austin has more traffic accidents and traffic fatalities than it should have for its size.

Texas provides interactive traffic accident maps showing the location of various vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents. These maps allow you to identify patterns where traffic accidents tend to cluster.

Overview of the Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Austin

Austin has several dangerous roads and intersections. Downtown Austin sees several hundred injury accidents every year but very few fatal accidents. In 2021, downtown Austin had no fatal motor vehicle accidents.

The accidents in the downtown area usually result from heavy traffic. As a result, they often involve low-speed collisions that injure but do not kill.

Accidents on Austin’s highways paint a different picture. Austin has an interstate highway and four major Texas state highways that run through and around the city. These highways have much higher speed limits. As a result, the crashes on these highways involve much greater energy and much more severe injuries.

The numbers below come from Texas’s Crash Records Information System (CRIS). This system maps traffic crash data from Texas accident reports since 2012.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Austin

The most dangerous intersections in Austin in 2021 were in Downtown Austin. Congress Ave., for example, has three intersections that saw serious injuries in 2021, including 6th St., 3rd St., and Riverside Drive. Fifth St. also had several dangerous intersections at Brazos St., San Antonio St., and TX-343/Lamar Blvd.

Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in Austin

Austin’s most dangerous roads and highways are primarily Texas state and interstate highways. In fact, I-35 alone had 28 fatal accidents in 2021 within the Austin city limits.

Other dangerous highways in 2021 include TX-71 with eight fatal accidents, US-183/TX-193 with seven fatal accidents, and US-290/TX-290 with four fatal accidents.

Injuries from Traffic Accidents in Austin

Car accidents can cause a range of injuries. The severity and nature of the injuries usually relate to the type of collision. Angle and head-on collisions tend to cause the most serious injuries. These collisions involve more energy than sideswipe or rear-end collisions. As a result, they do more damage to the vehicle occupants.

Liability for Traffic Accidents in Austin

Texas uses a fault-based system of auto insurance. This means the driver who caused the accident bears financial liability for all the property damage and injuries resulting from it.

To prove liability for a traffic accident in Texas, you must show that the driver acted negligently. This means that not every accident in Texas will support an injury claim.

You can only seek injury compensation if another driver fails to drive with reasonable care. This means that the driver failed to exercise the caution and prudence expected of an ordinary driver.

This standard does not require that the other driver receive a citation. You could pursue an injury claim even if the police chose not to issue citations, as long as you can show the other driver did something unreasonably dangerous.

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Unfortunately, many of Austin’s most dangerous roads and intersections are unavoidable. Some of them are dangerous primarily because of the heavy traffic they experience. Heavy use tends to create prime conditions for traffic accidents.

Other roads are dangerous because of the high speeds. High speeds create energetic collisions that cause more severe injuries.

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