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Other Injuries

Using Big Data to Prevent 18-Wheeler Accidents

Computerized data collection in the commercial trucking industry began in the 1980s, when motor carriers started implementing electronic logging devices...

Car Accidents

Why Are 18-Wheelers So Dangerous?

It takes only a small mistake or a second of inattention to cause a deadly traffic accident. If that accident...

Other Injuries

Texas Oilfield Deaths Are on the Rise

Texas oil and gas production is booming and reaching new heights of prosperity: between January and September of 2019, production...

Other Injuries

With Lawsuits Mounting, Juul May Be the Next "Big Tobacco"

This year, vaping titan Juul has been the focus of lawsuit after lawsuit. These cases come on the heels of...

Other Injuries

The State of Cycling Safety in Austin

Cyclists are among some of the most vulnerable road users in Austin — or anywhere. With few physical barriers between...

Other Injuries

JUUL’s False Claims and Questionable Advertising Make It the Subject of Multiple Lawsuits

Earlier this month, four separate school systems filed lawsuits, all aimed at the same target: JUUL, the largest e-cigarette maker...

Other Injuries