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Medical Bills

Are You Being Overbilled for Medical Treatment After an Accident?

After you are injured in an accident, your health is in the hands of the doctors and medical providers that...

Car Accidents

New Texas Laws Protect Accident Victims from Harmful Medical Billing Practices

Texas accident victims may now have less cause to worry about medical bills. This September, two new laws went into...

Medical Bills

Can Hospital Bills Go to Collections?

The current state of medical debt is dire: one in six Americans have medical debt collections on their credit report,...

Medical Bills

Can I Pay Hospital Bills in Installments?

As personal injury attorneys, we see many accident victims who are concerned about their medical bills. Medical treatment — particularly...

Medical Bills

3 Ways Hospitals Inflate Bills in Personal Injury Accidents

One complaint we hear all too often from accident victims is that they can’t afford to pay hospital bills. Enormous...

Medical Bills

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Fight Hospital Bills

After the shock and trauma of a serious accident is over, you’re left dealing with the pain and suffering of...

Medical Bills

Can't Afford to Pay Your Hospital Bill After Your Accident? Here's What Happens.

After a traumatic accident, victims are often left to cope with exorbitant medical bills for the treatment of their injuries....

Medical Bills

When You Need Your Money Now: Car Accident Settlement Loans

Car accidents are not cheap, especially when there are injuries involved: medical bills, lost productivity, emergency medical services, property damage,...

Medical Bills

Hospital Liens in Texas: What You Need to Know

More and more, we are hearing from people who went to the hospital after suffering an injury, only to receive...

Wrongful Death

The Insurance Company Is Offering to Pay My Medical Expenses. Should I Settle?

When dealing with a careless driver’s insurance company, it is important to understand that they do not have your best...

Medical Bills

Recovering Your Medical Costs in a Personal Injury Case in Texas

One of the most common expenses people incur after being hurt in an accident are their medical costs. Of course,...

Medical Bills

How Can I Pay My Hospital Bill After My Accident?

After the initial shock of a serious accident begins to wear off, it’s time to start dealing with the details...

Medical Bills

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