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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

What Kind of Vehicle Qualifies as a Commercial Vehicle?

What Is a Commercial Vehicle? A commercial vehicle is generally any motor vehicle being used to transport goods or paying...

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

What's the Average Cost of a Commercial Truck Accident?

When you get into an accident with a commercial truck, the sheer size and weight of the vehicle can do...

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Are Semi-Truck Auto Accidents Lawsuits Difficult to Settle?

Semi-truck accident lawsuits often settle before going to trial. While this means avoiding an expensive and potentially drawn-out court trial,...

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Do Semi-Truck Accidents Go To Trial?

Accidents with large vehicles like semi-trucks often mean major injuries — and major damages. Determining damages in a semi-truck accident...

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

How Commercial Truck Accidents Are Different Than Other Car Accidents

No matter the circumstances, getting into a car accident can leave you feeling rattled. But when that accident involves a...

Car Accidents

Did Poor Truck Maintenance Cause My Accident?

Most truck accidents are caused by driver behavior or inattention, but in some cases, the vehicle itself is the source...

Personal Injury

Who Is Responsible for a Trucking Accident Caused by Bad Weather?

Trucking accidents are not uncommon. Truck drivers handle heavy vehicles that are harder to maneuver and take longer to stop....

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

What Are Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, And How Do They Affect My Truck Accident Case?

When you are involved in an accident with a truck, it’s not just the regular rules of the road that...

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Truck Driver Accidents May Increase Due to FMCSA Hours-of-Service Changes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has made changes to truck driver hours-of-service regulations that go into effect September...

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Insurance Requirements for Texas Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

When you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, there’s a good chance the damage will be extensive....

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Can You Sue a Trucking Company?

Accidents involving commercial trucks are rarely just fender benders. Commercial trucks and 18-wheelers can cause serious damage to both you...

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

How Does Austin Rank for Commercial Truck Accidents?

Thousands of people in the United States perish in large truck crashes each year, and many more sustain serious injuries....

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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