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Medical care after a car crash

When should I get medical care after a car crash?

It is critically important to seek prompt medical attention after a car crash. While many personal injury victims might not be sure whether their injury warrants medical care, it is better to be safe than sorry for a few reasons.

First, the law allows you to seek compensation for your losses associated with your bodily injuries. This includes your losses leading up to a settlement or trial, as well as any losses you can prove you will likely have in the future. To fully understand and prove what those losses are, you must understand the extent of your injury. To fully understand the extent of your injury, you must be proactive with your medical care and work with someone qualified to diagnose your bodily injury. Since many permanent injuries do not seem that bad in the beginning, it is important to explore all injuries, even those that might seem like they will resolve on their own.

Second, if you are not proactive about getting medical treatment, you will potentially create a “treatment gap.” Insurance companies will find any reason they can to deny or undervalue a personal injury victim’s bodily injury claims. When there is a large lapse of time after a car crash before you have sought medical care, or large gaps in your medical care, there is a much higher chance the insurance company will refuse to fully compensate you for losses without a long, difficult fight.

Finally, and most importantly, we want you to get better. The best way for you to get better is to put your medical care in the hands of a medical professional who can help guide your recovery.