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The at-fault driver's insurance company

Should I talk to the at-fault driver’s insurance company?

Not immediately, and a personal injury victim is not required to. When an insurance claim is reported, the negligent driver’s insurance company will conduct an investigation to learn more about how the crash happened and what, if any, injuries any of the car crash victims sustained. During this investigation, the insurance company will usually ask you to provide a recorded statement. If you provide a recorded statement, you could unknowingly say something on record that can later be used against you. This could include statements relating to vehicle speeds, amounts of time that passed between events, and distances between objects. You could be trying to give an honest answer and might under-estimate or over-estimate this information in a way that could make you appear to have some responsibility for causing the crash. Or, you might make statements that minimize the extent of your bodily injury before there has been an opportunity for you to actually have the bodily injury properly evaluated.