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What Are The Odds of Surviving An Austin Motorcycle Accident?

With the weather warming up, you may be daydreaming about getting your motorcycle back on the road. A motorcycle can be a fantastic way to take in the natural beauty of Austin, Texas, as well as to avoid some of the parking hassles. But riding a motorcycle can also come with some level of risk.

So just how likely are you to die in a motorcycle accident in Austin? Read on to discover your odds of surviving an Austin motorcycle accident and what you can do to improve those chances.

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Texas?

Every year, there are close to 7,500 motorcycle accidents across the state of Texas. Close to a third of these crashes result in serious injury or death. In 2020, more than 1,800 motorcyclists were seriously injured, and almost 500 died – that’s more than one per day on average.

Overall, motorcycle accidents account for just 1.4 percent of all Texas motor vehicle crashes. However, they represent a staggering 12 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities statewide.

Fatality Rates of a Motorcycle Accident

So if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, what are your chances of dying? Across the nation, a staggering 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. In Texas, about 7 percent of motorcycle accidents result in death.

A 93 percent survival rate may seem good, but keep in mind that you’re about 30 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than a car wreck. Because you don’t have the frame of a car to protect you, you’re much more vulnerable to serious injuries or death when you’re involved in a motorcycle crash.

Overall Odds of Dying in a Motorcycle Accident

Overall, your odds of dying in a motorcycle accident are actually still lower than the odds of dying in a car crash. Your odds of dying in a motorcycle crash are about 1 in 747, compared to 1 in 93 of dying in a motor vehicle crash. For the most part, this has to do with how many people drive cars compared to riding motorcycles.

You’re more likely to die from gun violence, COVID-19, cancer, and heart disease than you are to die riding a motorcycle. That being said, riding a motorcycle is more likely to kill you than drowning, choking on food, or flying on an airplane.

How to Improve Your Chances of Survival

The good news is that you have some control over how much risk you face from your motorcycle rides. The single best thing you can do to improve your chances of surviving a motorcycle crash is to wear a helmet. More than ⅓ of motorcycle deaths involve head trauma, so wearing a helmet can significantly increase your chances of survival.

It’s also a good idea to always follow all road laws, including speed limits while riding. Taking a motorcycle safety course can help you learn how to practice defensive driving on a motorcycle and how to safely handle your motorcycle in a wide variety of conditions.

Get the Representation You Need After a Crash

A motorcycle can be a fantastic way to appreciate the natural beauty around you, but it does come with risks. You’re about thirty times more likely to die in a motorcycle crash than you are in a car crash. But practicing safety measures like wearing a helmet can help keep you safer if you are involved in an accident.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to compensation. Our lawyers will protect you from blame for the accident and help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss the details of your case.

Contact Our Motorcycle Accident Law Firm in Austin, TX

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