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The Christi Center

The Christie Center works with families and children in our community, helping them grieve the loss of a loved one. Their vision is that no one should grieve alone, and they offer support groups, peer to peer counseling and other resources at no cost, for as long as people need it. We have a lot of fun at FVF, but we are also familiar with grief. We have clients that are dealing with loss and many of our staff have been personally affected one way or another. We are proud to support the Christie Center and thank them for the important work they do in our community.

MARCH 2021

2021 Donation Match

Even from a distance, the Christi Center is still supporting their clients. This year for Amplify Austin, Team FVF partnered once again with the Christi Center to match donations up to $1000.

MARCH 2020

2020 Donation Match

During Amplify Austin 2020, we participated in a $1000 donation match with the Christi Center. As a personal injury firm that understands the effects of loss and grief, we hope our support will aid the Christi Center in ensuring no person grieves alone.

MARCH 2018

Gardening Day

Team FVF spent an afternoon at the Christi Center doing some maintenance and mulching in the front healing garden. We also toured the house and learned about the exception work the Christi Center does to help grieving families in our community.




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