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Facts About Road Rash

The thrill and freedom of motorcycle riding can, unfortunately, come with the increased possibility of suffering painful injuries in the event of a crash. One of the most common of those injuries is road rash, which refers to the friction abrasions that motorcyclists can sustain in a crash. 

One study suggests that as many as 20,000 motorcyclists are treated for road rash at hospitals annually. These injuries are often painful and can lead to other health complications. If you sustain this injury under certain conditions, you may be eligible to seek compensation for the harm you suffer.

How Does Road Rash Happen in Motorcycle Wrecks?

Road rash is a type of skin abrasion that is often seen in motorcycle accidents, especially where the motorcyclist fails to wear protective clothing. It gets its name from the rash-like appearance of the abrasion, which is caused by bare skin scraping against asphalt or any hard surface. 

This injury can happen when a rider slides across the pavement after crashing. A road rash injury can also occur if a body part becomes trapped between a heavy object, such as a motorcycle, and a hard surface.

The Severity of Road Rash Injuries

While painful, road rash is not always a serious medical emergency. 

If you notice any of the following after a motorcycle wreck resulting in road rash, however, you should get to a hospital or doctor’s office as soon as you can:

  • The abrasion covers a portion of your skin larger than your hand
  • Sensitive areas are affected, such as the face, feet, or genitals
  • The abrasion has uncovered muscle tissue or bone
  • You have excessive bleeding that cannot be controlled with basic first aid
  • You see a foreign object like a stick, rock, or other debris embedded in the wound

If you are hurt in a motorcycle wreck but are not sure how severe your road rash is, you should allow a medical professional to look at your wounds and determine what treatment is necessary. For any injury, it is wise to seek medical attention, as the severity of an injury is not always apparent at first. 

What Complications Can Result from Road Rash?

For road rashes that are simply abrasions, you may need no treatment beyond cleaning the wound and keeping it dressed with fresh bandages.

If you do not treat the wound properly, though, a road rash can lead to other complications, such as tetanus. Your medical provider may administer a tetanus vaccine shot to you as part of your treatment if you have not had one within the past ten years. 

You may also be at risk of a staph infection. This bacteria can enter the human body through an open wound and cause serious health complications, such as an infection of your skin and organs. Staph infections may also spread to others and can be resistant to some antibiotics.

Receiving Compensation for Road Rash Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident in Texas

Your recovery from road rash injuries may take time, and if your road rash is severe or you develop complications, it can be difficult to return to work. If your road rash resulted from a crash that another person caused, you may be able to seek compensation from the at-fault party. 

This compensation can help you pay for necessary medical treatment, including treatment for any staph infection or tetanus infection that might develop. It can also cover missed wages in the event that you cannot fully return to work right away because of your injuries.

If you suffered a road rash injury from a motorcycle accident that you believe was caused by the negligent actions of another, it’s best to speak with a qualified Austin motorcycle accident attorney to determine your legal options.

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