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Common Motorcycle Injuries

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcyclists in Austin, TX, face a high risk of injuries in a crash. Motorcycles provide almost no protection for riders when they hit the road or get ejected from their vehicles.

Injuries from a motorcycle accident can incapacitate a rider or passenger. These injuries may require emergency medical care, long-term therapy, and medication. They might prevent you from working or even caring for your needs.

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How FVF Law Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Austin

How FVF Law Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Austin

FVF Law has been helping Austin accident victims pursue compensation since 2014. During that time, our personal injury law firm has successfully resolved over 1,100 cases. Our Austin motorcycle accident lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience; we use that experience to educate clients and advocate for the best possible case outcomes.

We’re a values-driven law firm that takes pride in providing compassionate, meaningful, and impactful legal representation. We can help with your motorcycle accident case in Austin, Texas, by:

  • Launching an internal investigation into your accident
  • Collecting evidence and otherwise strengthening your claim wherever possible
  • Negotiating with the other side for a fair settlement agreement
  • Filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party if necessary

Injuries from a motorcycle crash can cause disability and disfigurement. To learn about the compensation you can seek for these and other effects of your injuries, contact FVF Law for a free consultation.

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How Likely Are Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Texas?

In 2022, 8,261 operators and 586 passengers were involved in Texas motorcycle crashes. Of these accident victims:

  • 501 operators suffered fatal injuries
  • 6,614 operators suffered non-fatal injuries
  • 20 passengers suffered fatal injuries
  • 486 passengers suffered non-fatal injuries

This means that 86.1% of operators were either injured or killed during motorcycle accidents in 2022. Passengers fared slightly worse, with 86.3% suffering injury or death in their crashes.

For comparison, calculate Texas’s overall traffic injury rate as 18.5% in 2022. This means that motorcyclists were 4.7 times more likely to get injured or killed in a crash than other traffic accident victims in Texas.

The Most Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles require skill and balance to operate safely. Poor training, inexperience, and careless riding can lead to crashes. But the most likely cause of collisions comes from careless car and truck drivers.

You might think that these accidents cause an infinite array of injuries. But many motorcycle accidents produce only three types of injuries:

Lower Extremity Injuries

Between 55% and 60% of motorcyclists involved in accidents damage their lower extremities, making these the most common type of motorcycle injury. These injuries often happen when the accident causes the motorcycle to tip over onto its side.

The impact of the ground on your legs can injure them. Your motorcycle can trap and even crush your leg. And sliding across the pavement can abrade or lacerate it.

Some common leg injuries from motorcycle accidents include:


You strain your muscles and tendons when you hyperextend them. A strained leg might have pain, swelling, weakness, and stiffness. Mild leg strains will heal on their own within four to six weeks. Severe strains might take longer and may require surgery.


Sprains occur when hyperextension stretches or tears the ligaments in your joints. An ankle, knee, or hip sprain will produce pain and inflammation. It may also limit the range of motion in your joint. Mild sprains can heal with home care. Severe sprains may require surgery to repair torn ligaments.


A motorcycle exhaust system can burn your legs when you crash. A first-degree or second-degree burn may only need first aid. But a third-degree burn will require medical treatment.

Doctors may need to perform skin graft procedures to repair a third-degree burn. Unfortunately, skin grafting increases the risk of disfiguring scars.

Fractured Bones

A motorcycle can snap or crush your bones when it falls on your leg. Doctors repair bone fractures by aligning the broken ends of the bone and stabilizing it. A simple fracture may heal in six to eight weeks with external stabilization using a cast or brace.

A shattered bone will require surgery to reconstruct the bone using screws and plates. After surgery, the shattered bone could take a year or longer to heal.

Upper Extremity Injuries

Upper extremities get injured in motorcycle accidents in two main ways. Like your lower extremities, your arms, hands, and shoulders can get injured when the motorcycle tips over. Your upper limbs smash into the road and suffer an injury.

Your upper extremities can also get injured when you get ejected from your motorcycle. You injure your limbs when you try to catch yourself by extending your arms outward.

Head and Face Injuries

Head and face injuries are the third-most common type of motorcycle injury. But their likelihood varies significantly based on your helmet use. Helmets reduce your risk of a head injury by up to 69%.

Some head and face injuries you could suffer include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Facial abrasions and lacerations
  • Fractured skull, facial bones, or teeth

These injuries not only expose you to the risk of permanent brain damage or death; they can also disfigure your face.

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