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Georgetown Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

If you suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident in Georgetown due to someone else’s fault – such as a negligent property owner – you may have legal options to recover compensation from the at-fault party, including filing a premises liability claim.

The Austin personal injury attorneys at FVF Law Firm – Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers have over 100 years of combined legal experience. We can help you hold someone responsible for your preventable slip and fall accident so that you can move forward with the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Our law firm exclusively practices personal injury law. We have plenty of resources, personnel, and experience in this practice area to put toward your slip and fall case.
  • We have collected millions of dollars in financial compensation for injured accident victims. Our case results include $18,650,000 won in a commercial premises injury claim.
  • Our slip and fall accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t owe us a dime in attorney’s fees unless we win your case.

How an Attorney Can Help

Your slip and fall accident case in Georgetown will require you to deal with an insurance company. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain fair compensation from an insurer, as they protect their profits by minimizing claim payouts whenever possible. If you go up against an insurance company after hiring an attorney, however, you can more effectively protect your rights.

FVF Law won’t let an insurance provider take advantage of you. Our Austin slip and fall accident lawyers will use aggressive legal strategies, such as hiring experts and going to trial, if necessary, to secure fair compensation for your losses. We’ll treat you like family, making sure you have everything you need to get through this difficult time.

Do You Have Grounds for a Claim?

A slip and fall claim relies on the legal concept of premises liability. This doctrine imposes a responsibility on property owners in Texas to maintain safe, hazard-free properties. This includes preventing slip and fall hazards, such as wet floors, damaged walking services, and inadequate lighting.

In Texas, to have a valid slip and fall claim, you must demonstrate the following:

  • You were on public property or lawfully on private property at the time of the accident.
  • The owner of the property owed you a duty of care as a lawful visitor.
  • The owner of the property breached the duty of care by failing to maintain safe premises.
  • The breach of duty is what caused your slip and fall accident.
  • You suffered actual damages as a result of the slip and fall, such as injuries or medical expenses.

If a property owner knew or reasonably should have known about the slip and fall hazard but failed to remedy it in a timely manner, you may have grounds to file a claim. Our lawyers can review your case for free during an initial consultation in Georgetown.

Contact Our Georgetown Slip and Fall Lawyer Today

A slip and fall accident can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones, hip fractures, and traumatic brain injuries. As a victim, you deserve justice and fair compensation if someone else caused or contributed to your harmful slip and fall accident.

If you or someone you love has been injured in this type of accident in Georgetown or the surrounding area, contact FVF Law for a free consultation. We’ll listen to your accident story and give you our best legal advice so that you can move forward with confidence. Contact us online or call (512) 640-2146 today.

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