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Orlando, Florida is a dream vacation for millions of people around the world and a city more than 300,000 Floridians proudly call home. The sunny weather, cultural richness, natural beauty, and vivacity of the city are points of pride, but just like any other city, Orlando has its share of injuries.

When injuries happen, they not only cause physical suffering, but also financial and emotional distress. The FVF team has more than 80 years of combined experience and in our work with Orlando residents, we have come to appreciate how important not just legal but compassionate support is to those who have been injured. 

Our Orlando office strives to provide exceptional caring, empowering education, and legal representation designed to make a difference. We’ve also become part of the Orlando community, passionate about helping those in need.

What Kind of Law Does FVF Practice?

In Orlando, personal injury attorneys are needed for the types of accidents that change lives. Each year in central Florida, for example, over 2000 people sustain catastrophic injuries due to car accidents and another 128 people suffer serious injuries due to bicycle accidents. Orlando also has the distinction of being home to some of the world’s most recognizable theme parks, and in 2021, 33 injuries were reported in these attractions. To serve these injured people and others in need, FVF helps clients with a variety of claims, including those resulting from:

Our team handles many types of personal injury claims, and if you’re not sure whether we have experience with your specific type of claim or aren’t sure whether you even have a claim, we’re here to help. FVF offers free, no-pressure consultations. These are approachable and relaxed conversations designed to address your questions and help you understand whether you have a claim and how we might be able to help. If you’ve been injured, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

When And Where Was the Firm Established?

When Josh Fogelman and Aaron von Flatern founded FVF Law in 2014 in Austin, Texas, they saw a need. Many of the injured people they spoke with were hesitant to speak with attorneys and many didn’t know exactly which laws could impact their case. As Josh and Aaron saw it, the two problems were related. People hadn’t developed close trust with attorneys, in part because attorneys didn’t empower their clients with the information they needed.

FVF was created to change this problem.

At FVF, we’re values driven, with a deep commitment to people. When we meet with individuals, we see them as people and not just clients. We understand talking to an attorney is intimidating, which is why we bring integrity and honesty to the table. It begins with a no-pressure, free consultation where our priority is to educate and empower. We explain the legal options, if any, available for financial recovery after an injury and we discuss any laws or factors which could impact the case. By providing clear, honest information, our team knows we’re providing individuals with what they need to make the right decisions.

In 2020, FVF saw a similar need in Florida and specifically in the Orlando area and we decided to help. We opened a Florida location to support those who have been injured anywhere in the Orlando area. Our Orlando law firm office is founded on the same values and with the same drive to support and educate.

Who Is on The Team?

The Orlando location of FVF is overseen by Hope Guardia, who is experienced with pre-litigation and litigation cases. Hope is a Florida native, and has a background as an adjuster, helping her see cases from both sides of the aisle. Hope is supported by the entire FVF team in serving clients in Orlando.

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What Kind of Experience Does FVF Bring to the Table?

The team at FVF has more than 80 years of combined experience and our team has received some notable accolades through our work with clients. FVF was a winner of the 2020 Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics, which was deeply humbling and rewarding given our work to imbue our practice with integrity. FVF attorneys have been recognized by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, but perhaps what we are most proud of are the experiences our clients have had with us. Hearing our clients say that we have helped make a difference during a difficult time is truly rewarding to our whole team.

What Kinds of Wins Have Helped Them Make a Name for Themselves?

FVF has a history of securing settlements and court wins for clients. One win which has helped make a difference involved a wrongful death claim. Dennis was driving a company truck when he was hit and killed by a tow truck. The incident left his family in considerable distress, especially after they found out that the tow company had inadequate insurance and few assets. Despite this, FVF was able to negotiate with the towing company, so they paid a six-figure sum themselves as well as the full policy amount. In addition, FVF was able to ensure Dennis’ workers’ compensation policy helped cover some costs, too, providing needed peace of mind for the family.

In another notable settlement, FVF was able to work with a young woman who was seriously injured when an underinsured drunk driver hit her car. FVF not only secured compensation through both driver insurance policies, but we launched a detailed investigation into the bar that served the drunk driver, finding an important exception to “safe harbor” laws that limit the liability of such establishments. Our thorough work meant the young woman was able to secure financial recovery from the bar as well, helping her pay for her multiple injuries.

What Makes FVF Different?

FVF not only cares deeply about securing financial recovery for clients, but we also want to ensure working with us restores our clients’ faith in the legal profession. We want clients to feel fully supported and heard, so they have peace of mind and can focus on their healing journey. To that end, everything we do at FVF is based on our core values, which center around four pillars:

  • Compassion
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Transparency

You can trust FVF to tell you the facts about your potential case and to work to protect you from any predatory practices by insurance companies and others. When you work with us, you have our legal team, and their considerable experience, in your corner. If you’ve been injured in the Orlando area and would like to see the difference a values-driven law firm can make, contact FVF for a free, no-pressure consultation.

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