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Austin Youth Vaping Addiction Lawyers

Protecting your child’s health is one of your most important jobs as a parent. However, if your child has become addicted to nicotine or other drugs, their health and wellness may be in danger. 

Vaping devices, which have become increasingly popular among minors, have been shown to play a part in teen nicotine addiction. Furthermore, some evidence indicates that vape manufacturers, like Juul, have actively designed and marketed vape products and accessories to directly target those under the legal age for smoking. For many parents and teens, the consequence has been a struggle with nicotine addiction, an elevated risk for illegal drug use, and the threat of severe injury and illness.

If your child has become addicted to a vaping device, vape manufacturers may be to blame. There is some evidence indicating not only that vaping companies have targeted younger demographics through youth-driven marketing campaigns, but also that they have misrepresented the safety of their products and their usefulness as a smoking cessation tool. Because of this, vaping-addicted minors and their parents may have a case for compensation for damages connected to vape use. If you are considering pursuing action against a vape manufacturer, here’s what you need to know.

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What to Know About Teen Vaping Addiction

Nicotine addiction can have serious consequences for any individual, but particularly when the user is a young adult. Nicotine use creates permanent changes in the brain, often increasing susceptibility to addiction. This is particularly true with younger users, since the cells in their brains are still developing. And of course, long-term nicotine use often leads to very serious health effects, such as cancer and heart conditions.

In some cases, vaping may also serve as a gateway to serious drug use, such as THC. Although more research is needed, vaping THC has been tentatively linked to the majority of vaping lung injuries and deaths. Because nicotine use lowers the addiction threshold, it can also be the gateway to opioid and other substance addictions as well.

Evidence of Negligence

A key question in youth vaping addiction cases is whether or not vaping manufacturing companies purposefully targeted underage users. Vaping companies have also been accused of misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of their products. More specifically, past and present youth vaping cases have alleged that vaping companies engaged in the following:

  • Coordinated marketing campaigns to directly target teens
  • Discarded evidence relating to these campaigns
  • Created and distributed youth-oriented advertising materials
  • Designed inhalers and flavored products to appeal to younger users
  • Provided sample products and marketing materials in public venues where teens may have been present
  • Hosted educational seminars at schools and camps
  • Misrepresented device effectiveness as a smoking cessation tool
  • Failed to provide adequate safety and health warnings
How an Austin Youth Vaping Addiction Lawyer Can Help

Proving damages in a youth vaping addiction case can be incredibly difficult. Victims in these cases often need to estimate the likely damage that an addiction will cause in the future. Without the expertise to calculate future damages and expenses, as well as their impact on a victim’s overall health and well-being, creating a successful legal strategy can be difficult.

Additionally, tackling large corporations takes skill and commitment. Vaping companies have extensive legal resources at their disposal, which means it is exceptionally challenging for individuals to manage vaping addiction cases without the expertise of a seasoned legal team.

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Why Hire FVF to Help with Your Youth Vaping Addiction Case

At FVF, we have a long history of standing up for the rights of victims in Austin personal injury cases — even when those cases involve large corporate interests. We are committed to our clients’ health and well-being, and we will work with you to provide the information and expertise you need to move forward with your case and your life. More specifically, here’s what we can bring to your youth vaping addiction case.

  • Compassionate counsel. We understand that the health of your children is your first priority. We will work with you to secure medical care and to conduct your case in a way that is both sensitive and focused on you.
  • Education-first approach. Our goal at FVF is not to pressure our clients into a case. We will work to present all your options and make the best legal recommendations for you.
  • Case experience. We have a history of fighting large corporations on behalf of our clients. We will go the distance to create a committed, focused legal strategy built out of our years of personal injury expertise.
  • Free case evaluation. As part of our commitment to you, we offer a free case evaluation where we will outline your options and rights, and help you decide how you should move forward with your case.

If your child has become addicted to a vaping device, you may have grounds for compensation. Contact us now for your free consultation with one of our expert youth vaping addiction lawyers in Austin — and learn how you can protect your rights today.

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