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Top 5 Pain Management Specialists In Austin

After a serious automobile accident, many victims suffer from severe chronic pain. Whiplash, herniated discs, blunt force trauma, and generalized neck and back pain are all common injuries resulting from collisions. All of these conditions can cause ongoing pain, especially if they go untreated.

Living with pain is no way to live. Pain management specialists and physical rehabilitation experts can help accident victims get back on their feet, recommending steroid injections, physical therapy, medication, and other treatments. While any physician can help you heal from an accident-related injury, there are a few outstanding pain specialists in Austin that deserve special mention. Read on for a list of those doctors.


Dr. David Kim, Trinity Pain Associates

Pain specialist and anesthesiologist David Kim is a Harvard-trained, award-winning physician. He regularly treats patients with accident-related spinal and back issues, such as whiplash, disc herniations, and spinal stenosis, a degenerative condition that can be exacerbated by an automobile collision. Kim offers unique treatment options such as ultrasonography, spine and joint injections, and regenerative medicine (PRP and stem cell injections). He avoids prescribing painkillers, particularly opioids, when possible, preferring to try the least invasive treatment methods first. You can connect with Dr. Kim by visiting his practice website.


Dr. Robert Marks, Diagnostic Pain Center

Board-certified in both Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology, Robert Marks receives high marks from both patients and his peers in the medical field. Together with Sauman Rafii, MD, Marks oversees treatments at Austin’s Diagnostic Pain Center. Both doctors take a comprehensive approach to pain, creating individual, customized treatment plans for every patient. Marks regularly sees patients suffering from herniated discs, neck pain, and other spine conditions associated with automotive accidents. He is known to past patients as a caring and thoughtful practitioner. Reach out to Dr. Marks online to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Andrew Hall, Austin Spine and Wellness

Andrew Hall is the owner and practicing physician at Austin Spine and Wellness, a highly reviewed acute and chronic pain center. Hall takes a nontraditional approach to treatments, preferring to exhaust nonsurgical alternatives before referring patients to a surgeon. For instance, he may prescribe innovative therapies like spinal cord stimulation, injections, or implants. Hall is double board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Management, and is a member of the Spine Interventional Society. You can schedule an appointment with him by contacting Austin Spine and Wellness.


Dr. Genaro Gutierrez, Central Texas Pain Center

Genaro Gutierrez has extensive training and is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. He completed his training in anesthesiology at the George Washington University Hospital, going on to a fellowship in interventional pain management at Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Now, he is considered one of the preeminent thought leaders in the pain management field, having authored multiple textbook chapters for pain medicine students. In addition, he has conducted clinical research in in several innovative therapies for pain sufferers. Connect with Dr. Gutierrez at Central Texas Pain Center to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Martin Thai, US Anesthesia Partners

Anesthesiology and pain medicine specialist Martin Thai is one of the premier anesthesiologists in Austin. After helping to found two separate pain management clinics at hospitals in Kansas City, Thai moved to Austin, where he has been seeing patients full time at US Anesthesia Partners ever since. The clinic specializes in innovative pain treatments such as discograms, Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET), intrathecal pump placement, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and vertebroplasty. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Thai, contact US Anesthesia Partners’ Austin location.


Doctors can care for your health after an automobile accident, but they can’t ensure that you receive compensation to pay for your medical bills. If you are dealing with a painful injury following a collision, contact our experts here at FVF for assistance with the legal aspects of your case. We’ll help you sort through the details so you can put your health first.



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