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Buses are a great way to get around Austin. Having somebody else do the driving makes for a stress-free commute, helps the environment, and reduces traffic congestion. However, riding in a large bus offers a false sense of additional security. In reality, a bus can be far more dangerous than a passenger car or truck. This is due in large part to the massive weight of buses. A bus collision can cause severe bodily injury to bus riders, automobile passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Risk Factors

Operating a bus is a serious task. It requires a special license, hours of training, and adherence to safety rules. The community expects bus drivers and operators to act in a manner that reflects the seriousness of their duties. Buses often transport many riders at once, and these individuals are powerless to protect themselves from the negligence of others. Riders depend on the bus driver, bus operator, and bus manufacturer to provide a safe ride to their destinations. Other drivers similarly depend on buses to take appropriate precautions and share the road safely.

Bus accidents can happen for many of the same reasons as motor vehicle collisions:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Intoxication
  • Negligent hiring
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Manufacturer defects

However, when bus accidents occur, the resulting injuries can be serious, and even catastrophic. And, because buses are frequently full of passengers, the number of victims in a bus accident can be much higher than in the majority of other traffic accidents.

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Proving Negligence

There are many types of buses with different purposes. For example, school buses take children to and from school and school-related activities. Austin city buses transport urban passengers around cities. Private motor coaches transport passengers long distances. And charter buses move large groups to a common destination.

Depending on the type of bus, there may be several negligent parties in a bus accident. The bus driver is a common responsible party. Often times bus drivers don’t pay attention to the road, or they simply exercise poor judgment. This can lead to collisions with passenger vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, or objects near the roadway.

In some instances, a plaintiff can seek to hold the bus operator responsible for an accident. One avenue to holding the operator liable is proving the Austin bus driver was negligent in the course and scope of their employment with the operator. Another avenue to recover from the operator is to prove the operator did not perform due diligence when hiring the driver, such as failing to examine the bus driver’s background and accident history. Yet another way to hold an operator liable is to prove that the bus was not properly maintained. Operators can get sloppy and fail to keep their buses in good mechanical condition. A plaintiff may discover a history of poor upkeep by reviewing maintenance records and can then use them as proof of negligent conduct.

Government-operated buses present their own set of legal issues. In addition to local rules and ordinances, the Texas Tort Claims Act applies to City-of-Austin-operated buses. This legislation governs the process of bringing a negligence claim against a government actor. For purposes of bus incidents, the Act imposes limits on personal injury recovery and defines the scope of liability.

If you have been injured in a bus incident, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and mental anguish. It may be necessary to assert multiple legal claims against multiple parties. Our experienced Austin bus accident attorneys can help you pursue a bus injury claim and diligently advocate on your behalf.

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Why Should you Consult with an Austin Bus Accident Lawyer at FVF Law?

Bus accidents can be complicated, and protecting your rights requires you to make educated decisions. By consulting with a bus accident injury lawyer, you can begin to develop a strategy for holding the responsible parties accountable and maximizing your recovery. Our Austin bus accident attorneys know how to help you understand your rights and legal options, so you can put yourself in the best position possible to be compensate for your losses.

How Are Bus Accident Injury Settlements Calculated?

Our bus accident lawyers know that each case must be evaluated on its own merits. Bus accident cases are complicated, and often involve complex transactions between number individuals and companies, which must be understood to maximize your bus accident injury settlement. But here are the factors that typically come into play:

  1. Who is legally liable for the crash? As a passenger, you probably did not contribute the the bus accident. But you still have to prove who did. This could be the bus driver, carrier, or someone who failed to properly maintain the bus. Our Austin bus accident injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate your bus accident and hold all responsible parties accountable.
  2. How serious are your bus accident injuries? Your lawyer can help you fully understand and prove the short- and long-term harms and losses you sustained in the bus accident. This includes financial losses and quality of life losses. The more serious the losses you can prove, the higher your bus accident settlement should be.
  3. How much insurance is available? Even if your bus accident injuries are severe, it is your responsibility to identify where the compensation will come from. Furthermore, in some cases, such as school bus accidents, your right to recovery might be capped by law. Your bus accident injury lawyer should uncover any and all available insurance policies and assets that can be used to compensate you for your losses.

Do not settle your bus accident injury case before you receive a no-cost evaluation. Taking the time to understand your case, your rights, and your options can save you tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Call us for a no-cost consultation with an Austin bus accident lawyer.

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