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Documents and information for call

What documents or information do I need to have before I call?

It is not necessary for you to have any information before you call, except for the very basic facts of the situation. We will gather as much information as we can and provide as much guidance as we can under the circumstances. Since every case is different, we never know exactly what information or documents will be helpful, so we are happy to take it one step at a time. However, any ofthe following information can be very helpful:

  • photographs and/or video of where the incident occurred, vehicles involved (if any), and physical injuries
  • the types and amounts of insurance coverage you have, such as Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Personal Injury Protection
  • police report and any other law enforcement investigative materials; -medical bills, medical records, or receipts for medical supplies
  • your health insurance information
  • information for any insurance companies that are involved; and -witness information. It is common for us to gather this information after our consultation, and you should not feel it is necessary to have any or all of this information before you contact us