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Gas Explosion Lawyer

Natural gas and propane drive modern life and allow us to take advantage of innumerable conveniences in our homes. But under the wrong circumstances, these substances can cause catastrophic damage. Even victims who are fortunate enough to survive gas explosions are often left with permanent, serious injuries that impact their quality of life. 

If you were injured in a gas explosion, you may be able to obtain financial recovery that covers damages such as past and future medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and other losses both economic and non-economic. A gas explosion attorney can help determine the cause of the explosion, identify the liable party, hold that entity accountable for their negligence, and obtain financial recovery on your behalf.

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What Factors Can Affect Your Gas Explosion Case

Before any legal action can be taken, the cause and origin of the explosion must be determined. An explosion accident lawyer will consult with relevant experts such as cause and origin experts, mechanical engineers, regulatory specialists, and industrial gas consultants to conduct a forensic examination. This investigation will reveal whether or not an entity or person inadvertently caused the explosion by breaching a standard of care. 

If the origin of the leak is inside the house, the investigation can focus on appliance manufacturers and plumbing companies that may have installed something improperly, and your lawyer will look for negligence or failure to comply with industry standards.

If the leak originated outside of the house, the investigation will focus on the gas utility company or any third parties who may have failed to uphold their duty of care. While the gas utility company is responsible for installing and maintaining their pipelines, there may be other parties, such as contractors or construction crews, whose negligence could have caused or contributed to the explosion. 

Common causes of gas leaks and exacerbating factors include:

  • Old and poorly maintained pipelines. Utility companies often fail to replace decrepit, aging, or otherwise compromised pipelines. Some pipelines are decades old and prone to cracking and breaking. Company inspection processes are often insufficient in that they only account for detectable gas leaks and not for cracks or damage. 
  • Odor fade. Natural gas is odorless, but utility companies add odorants so that a dangerous gas leak can be easily detected. When natural gas leaks from an underground line, some of the odorant can fade, making it undetectable when it migrates into a home. Rust can contribute to odor fade, increasing the risk posed by old pipes. 
  • Digging or trenching. A third party such as a construction or digging crew may accidentally hit gas pipes and be unaware that there is any damage until it is too late.
  • Improper marking. Before starting a new digging project, Texans can call the Texas Gas Service to mark underground gas pipelines. Unfortunately, the lines are sometimes improperly marked, which can cause the construction or digging crew to interfere with the pipes.
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How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Gas Explosion Case

Due to the severity of the damage and the time-sensitive nature of evidence preservation in gas explosion cases, you should speak to an experienced gas explosion attorney as soon as possible. In addition to consulting with qualified experts and investigating the ignition source, your attorney will preserve key evidence and negotiate with other parties that will attempt to deny liability. Your lawyer will also make sure that you are getting the proper medical care and documenting your injuries.

Why Hire FVF to Help with Your Gas Explosion Case?

At FVF, our explosion accident lawyers understand that the stakes in a gas leak case are quite high, and that more than your financial future is at risk. Gas leaks and poorly maintained pipelines are a matter of public safety — utility companies should be held accountable for negligence, and the danger should be promptly addressed. We are here to offer you support in a time of need, and we will diligently seek out all potential sources of compensation on your behalf. 

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