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First conversation with a personal injury attorney

What information will a personal injury attorney ask for during our first conversation?

While the thought of contacting a personal injury firm may be intimidating or overwhelming, many potential clients find it helpful to know exactly what they will be asked during an initial telephone call with FVF’s friendly staff and attorneys:

  1. The basics: What happened? Where and when? How many people were involved?
  2. Was anyone injured? Did that person(s) require emergency medical care?
  3. Did anyone call the police? Were there eyewitnesses, and were their statements noted?
  4. What was the nature and extent of the property damage? Are there photos of the damage?
  5. Is the injured person(s) still experiencing physical symptoms of injury? Have any follow-up medical appointments been scheduled? If so, with whom and for what? Does the injured person(s) have health insurance?
  6. Were any of the drivers involved distracted by alcohol or cellphone use?
  7. Have the parties involved been previously involved in traffic accidents? What was the outcome legally of those events?
  8. Was a commercial/company vehicle involved in the accident?
  9. Car insurance: Did the at-fault driver have auto insurance? Did the injured person have auto insurance? With what company/companies? Are the PIP (personal injury protection) or UIM (uninsured motorist) limits known? Have any of the parties involved spoken with their own or the other party’s auto insurance carrier? Is the at-fault driver’s carrier accepting or disputing fault?
  10. Current circumstances: Is the victim currently losing earnings due to injuries? Who is currently paying for property damage? Is the victim requiring a rental car?