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Recently injured in an accident

I was recently injured in an accident. What should I do to protect myself and my family?

Many people who are involved in serious accidents in the workplace, on the road, or during their daily routines are unfamiliar with the complex network of policies and standards that govern personal injury law. Many who sustain a personal injury or damage to their property are uncertain of their rights and responsibilities. And many of them are apprehensive about retaining legal representation, or even speaking to an attorney about their experience. Uncertainty about physical health and recovery, medical expenses, insurance coverage, and employment tends to cause anxiety and avoidance. A commonly recurring question is about assessing the severity of an injury before determining whether legal representation is appropriate or necessary. At FVF, our commitment is to respond to any and all questions so that clients’ concerns are fully addressed.

Traumatic accident victims often choose not to seek legal counsel or representation because they assume that resulting issues of medical care and property repair will sort themselves out. Many do not contact a personal injury attorney until serious physical and financial problems have accumulated, at which time resolving the case in a satisfactory manner may be difficult. FVF has the experience to recognize that the sooner we speak to a potential client, the higher the likelihood that we will be able to help him or her.

The first thing that a personal injury attorney will explain to a person who has been involved in a serious accident is that different rules apply to bodily injury and to property damage (e.g., to a car). Medical insurance applied to injured parties, while premises liability insurance or auto-insurance may apply to both material and bodily damage. The distinction is relevant whether you were working or not, driving or riding in a vehicle, or moving along on foot. It is further relevant whether you or someone else was the at-fault party.

If you have been injured in an accident wherein responsibility may be allocated to another person, the law protects your right to compensation for your physical and material losses. The most dependable and least stressful way to protect yourself and your family after a serious accident is to speak with a personal injury attorney. A skilled personal injury attorney will begin by educating you about your rights and the basics of your case, helping you to make a plan for legal and physical well-being.