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Experiencing delayed physical symptoms

I was injured in an accident a while ago and am experiencing physical symptoms. What should I do?

It is never too late to initiate a conversation with a personal injury attorney. Moreover, it is never too late to seek the proper medical attention for something as traumatic as an accident involving bodily harm. Following a serious accident, some injuries may not appear until days or weeks after the injury. For example, spinal injuries and brain injuries may only present with very subtle symptoms initially. As the injured person gradually returns to normal activity, however, the effects of violent impact to the head, neck, or spine may become evident. An accident victim should be evaluated by a medical professional, even if the injury event is not recent. This will ensure that mild or moderate symptoms do not develop into more serious and debilitating conditions.

In the case of a traumatic accident causing physical harm, a personal injury attorney is especially valuable to a potential client because, even if the injurious event was not recent, he/she has experience working with medical professionals, medical billing, and insurance companies to restore the client’s well-being and financial stability. A skilled personal injury attorney puts an injured client in touch with expert diagnosticians that design an individualized plan for rehabilitation and recovery; then the attorney gathers materials from the diagnostician and care providers and communicates on the client’s behalf with medical billing groups, insurance companies, and representatives for the at-fault party. Injured victims have the right to an attorney who advocates for their physical and financial stability and prosperity.

A serious accident warrants a conversation with a personal injury attorney even if the event did not occur recently.