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Personal injury lawyer and property damage

Will a personal injury lawyer represent me on a contingency fee if I was not injured, but only sustained property damage in a car crash?

Usually not. This is not because the personal injury lawyer does not want to help you, but because the law in Texas puts car crash victims who have only sustained damage to their property in a difficult position. There is usually very little to argue about when it comes to the value of a property damage case; a personal injury lawyer can do very little to help increase an individuals’ recovery in a property damage case because the value of the car’s damage is pretty easily determined. So, if you wish to hire a personal injury lawyer, you will either have to pay the personal injury lawyer hourly, or pay the personal injury lawyer a percentage of the damaged vehicle’s value. Since Texas does not allow a successful car crash claimant to recover their attorneys’ fees, hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent them for a claim involving only property damage will usually be a losing proposition.