Spine Injuries


Spine Injuries Lawyer Austin

Spine injuries are among the most common injuries we see in personal injury cases. This is particularly true with automobile collisions, simply because of the amount of force that is placed on the spine when there is a sudden impact between two massive objects. Even “low impact” automobile collisions can exert a dangerous amount of force on the human spine and cause permanent and debilitating injuries. This is particularly true for personal injury victims who might have an underlying physical or medical condition that makes the victim more susceptible to serious injury when exposed to these unnaturally large forces.

It can be very difficult for a personal injury victim to understand the extent of injury to their spine in the hours, and even days following a crash. It is common for personal injury victims to want to wait and see whether the soreness, stiffness, or other discomfort resolves on its own, rather than be proactive about seeking medical care. During this time, personal injury victims are often approached by insurance companies who are eager to offer a settlement to the victim that includes payment of medical bills and some amount of money to pay for what the injury victim has experienced up to that point. Many personal injury victims choose to trust the insurance company and take the settlement, even though they have not taken the time or care to develop a better understanding of the extent of their injury or their legal options moving forward. Unfortunately, for some of these personal injury victims, the pain does not subside on its own, and they are left with some type of permanent or long-term spinal injury that requires future medical care, and decreases their quality of life. In the event they prematurely settled their personal injury claim, these personal injury victims live to regret placing their trust in an insurance company that did not have their best interest in mind, rather than calling a personal injury lawyer to discuss their options.

The most common types of spine injuries we see in personal injury cases include intervertebral disk injuries, facet joint injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Each of these categories of spinal injuries can vary greatly in type, severity, treatment, and prognosis. However, even some of the most severe spine injuries do not seem as bad as they really are until days after the personal injury incident. Because a personal injury victims should have a thorough understanding of the extent of their injuries before considering settling their injury claim with an insurance company, it is critically important that the victim be proactive about learning their rights and options, including their options for obtaining qualified medical treatment.